Learn more about Chapter 12 bankruptcy in Carbondale & Marion, IL

Reorganize Your Business Debts Without Input From Creditors

Not all creditors are sensitive to the financial difficulties that their borrowers may be going through. Maybe you experienced a bad harvest, or your catch didn't sell due to low demand. Whatever the case might be, you can rest easy knowing you have debt relief options through Chapter 12 bankruptcy.

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An attractive alternative to Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires debtors to...

  • Work with creditors, who may not understand the needs of farmers and fishermen
  • Pay steep filing fees, which farmers and fishermen may not be able to afford
  • Give up all but essential assets, which may not include the family farm

As a result, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not an ideal type of bankruptcy for farmers and fishermen in the Carbondale, IL area. Luckily, there's Chapter 12 bankruptcy.

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